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Having completed a needs analysis and an information technology plan you are ready to buy or lease a solution.

Investment in information technology solutions can turn out to be a very significant expense with poor returns if the wrong decisions are made. Citec can help you to make the right decisions, getting the best value for money and the best fit for your organisation.

Citec is vendor independent - we sell only our services, not hardware or software - so you can be confident of our unbiased opinion.

Citec will guide through the whole procurement process or any part you need help with.

*Specifications *RFI,RFQ,RFP *Selection *SLA *Project Management


Citec will draft technical specifications that are adequate for not only initial needs but any planned expansion and the projected life-cycle of the solution.


Request for information or Registration of Interest is a step you may wish to start with if you don’t have a particular solution in mind. A “shotgun” approach to find out which vendors are interested in supplying what solution.

Request for Quote or Request for Proposal is the next step when you have short-listed suppliers/solutions and have finalised your specifications.


Citec can help you to sort through the vendor proposals, comparing technical details, support warranties and even check out the track records of the vendors.


Having made a decision on a vendor solution Citec can help you ensure that you have a satisfactory Service Level Agreement or support contract in place.

Project Management

Implementing an information technology solution can be very disruptive and costly to any organisation. Citec can supply an experienced project manager to ensure that disruption is minimised, implementation is on time and within budget.


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