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Gary Carppe MIITP, ITCP, BAppIS, RTC

Gary has more than 35 years experience in telecommunications, business management and information technology management in the private business and public sectors. With his broad organisational management and hands on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) experience, Gary assists organisations with strategic and tactical planning for the implementation of ICT to meet organisational needs.

As a vendor independent ICT professional Gary provides unbiased recommendations to organisations for the aquisition of their ICT requirements. His wide experience and extensive ICT management skills support internal staff or contractors to implement and optimise infrastructure and network performance.

Gary Carppe has been independently accredited as an Information Technology Certified Professional (ITCP) by Institute of IT Professionals NZ, the professional body of the IT sector in New Zealand. He has a degree in applied information systems, is a certified radio technician and is the principal consultant and managing director of Citec Limited.


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